The Low-down:

Dark Day Monday is a curated monthly performance series featuring artists who defy expectations and break boundaries. We seek out acts that explore, play, and fuck with performance forms or genres.


The Acts:

Dark Day Monday is focused on representing diverse performance talent from all genres and disciplines. We want to see something different. We prioritize featuring BIPOC, LGBTQAI++ and 2S performers and content. We want to showcase talent from all of Toronto’s creative communities, not just the ones who feel at home on traditional stages. We are a socially conscious event, and have a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of hatred.


The Dirty Dollar:

Because we’re artists, we know that art is worth paying for. We offer a door split to all artists who perform, with a guarantee. We have a mandate to provide fair compensation to all our collaborators. We will never make more than the artists who perform on our stages, and we’ll show them the books to prove it. Profits from DDM events go back into the series, paying for upkeep, and to make future events even more spectacular for the artists and patrons.


We are:

Thea Fitz-James

Thea Fitz-James is part academic, part journalist, and part theatre practitioner. She is a theatre maker and performance artist, having created work with FADO in Toronto, Secret Theatre in Halifax and the School of Making/Thinking in New York. Her shows NAKED LADIES and Drunk Girl have been nominated for awards, and have toured the fringe circuit internationally.


Thea is also a theatre producer, festival curator, and arts residency facilitator with the Cucalorus Festival in Wilmington, NC. Her most recent work explores contemporary depictions of women and feminism, integrating performance art and theatre to ask difficult questions around cultural norms.


Thea is currently a PhD candidate in Performance Studies at York University, looking at knitting and
textiles in activism and performance.


Wes Babcock

Wes Babcock is a Toronto-based writer, performer, and theatre designer. Recent design credits include I Cannot Lose My Mind (2018, Watah Theatre - Lights), Bone Cage (2017, Matchstick, Halifax - Set). He was selected as lighting design apprentice to Kimberly Purtell as part of Crows Theatre's Artist Cross Training Program in 2017.


His most recent written work, Your Princess is in Another Castle, a play for two actors co-created with Nancy Kenny, is currently in its second stage of development following a successful Fringe tour in 2017.


You can find him on Instagram @wildrnesswes, or online at